Hello and welcome to a new campaign. We are using d20 Call of Cthulhu to craft a tale of eldricht
horror and Macabre Fantasy. The setting for the campaign is the college town of Oak Ridge which is set in the south central hills of Wisconsin. The time is present day.

Note about character creation: As this is a call of cthulhu campaign, unlike other RPG genres where the heroes are special and a cut above those around them, in CoC the heroes are everyday normal people: blue collar workers, college students, nurses, etc. Please keep this in mind when developing your character. Also the more in depth of a character that you create the more that you will get out of this experience, if you only have two sentences of backstory it will be much harder for me as the GM to create things to draw your character into the story, and this game is story driven not hack and slash. For a questionnaire that will help you develop your character into more than just a stat block try out the one here

We sill be using a could of tweeks to the standard character creation process, mainly in the equipment section. Now instead of buying stuff out of the book at the prices listed, to open up the game and increase realism you can buy anything that you can find for sale in real life (preferably on line as it will make price checking easier, and that is where we will get prices too, I will adjust the items stats as I think to make them work in the game, but hopefully this will keep the game feeling more modern and help you all to think outside the game manual for in-game solutions. secondly starting HP will be 10+ con mod, instead of 6+ con mod. thirdly we will be using the defense option variant with an AC bump for defensive characters. In addition I will be using material from D20 modern system to fill any holes in the game system as presented in the D20 Call of Cthulhu sourcebook, such as additional rule for operating a vehicle. The D20 modern SRD can be found here

Last note: All characters will be currently living renting apartments at 169 Bismuth Lane. You will all be playing neighbors and will have some knowledge about each other because of this.

If you want copies of the character sheet that I am handing out they can be downloaded here

Look to recruit more players, as of right now there are only the two players and I would prefer to have at least three

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